Trail Review - Mammoth Rock Trail

Trail Review - Mammoth Rock Trail

Mammoth Rock trail is a popular hiking trail in Mammoth Lakes that is super close to town and offers great views of Mammoth Mountain, The Sherwins, and the entire town of Mammoth Lakes. It is 2.5 miles one-way (a little over 5 miles round trip) and has about 600 feet of elevation change. To get there head down Old Mammoth Road from Main street and turn left on Sherwin Creek Road. Pass the large parking area next to the propane tanks and you'll see a trail head sign with a small parking area to the left of the sign.

Mammoth Rock Trail

The trail starts out in a meadow with no trees and has some pretty amazing views as you hike up a slight grade. It is a relatively easy hike for seasoned hikers, but could be somewhat challenging if you are not used to hiking at elevation. This trail is also open to mountain biking, so be aware that you will encounter some people on bikes.

Mammoth Rock Trail, Mammoth Lakes, CA

About a mile or so into the hike, it changes to a more forested area with a couple boulder sections that are pretty cool. It is generally a slight elevation gain through the whole hike, so it isn't to strenuous, but you could work up a pretty good sweat. The views get better and better as you climb and there is some great shade sections in the trees, so the sun isn't beating down on you the entire hike.

Mammoth Rock Trail Review and Information

This is a dog friendly hike, so feel free to bring your pup. Most of the hike you can see the prominent Mammoth Rock sticking out from the rest of the slope. The trail continues upward and you will pass just below Mammoth Rock with awesome views of the entire Owens Valley. You can do the whole hike in under 2 hours, and since it is right in town it is a great choice for hikers who want to do something else with the rest of their day. It really is a great hike and a must see for any visitors to the Eastern Sierra.

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