About Us

Quality Mountain Wear

Designed & tested in the Eastern Sierra

Faultline395 is an outdoor apparel brand based in Mammoth Lakes, CA. We offer a line of functional and durable goods built for the activities we love. With a focus on versatility and everyday style, the garments we make are perfect for daily life in the mountains. Our goal is to seamlessly blend style and performance in every piece we design. For more info on our fabrics, click here.


We live and recreate in the mountains, so we understand just how important sustainability is to our planet. We have several items in our product line that are made from eco-friendly materials, and we are working to add more. We are also big believers that the most sustainable product is the one that lasts. Let's face it, most clothing brands are selling crap that may only last a few wears and then ends up in a landfill. Our goal is to create clothing that will last many, many years.

Locally owned, independent Company

We are a small business that is fully bootstrapped with no corporate backing or outside investors. Most of our graphic tees are still printed at the local screen print shop and we work with local designers, photographers, and athletes as much as possible. We genuinely appreciate all of our customers, and every order is helping support the local economy in our remote mountain town.