About Us

Technical Alpine Apparel from Mammoth Lakes, CA

Rooted in Scenic Majesty: Our Origin 

FaultLine395 is a mountain wear company from Mammoth Lakes, CA. Born amidst the mighty Eastern Sierra and influenced by our proximity to Southern California streetwear culture, we're more than just an apparel brand; we're a statement. Originated in 2020, our journey has been one for the books. From navigating name battles with large ski resorts to embracing the inspiration of our geologically-rich surroundings. Our name, FaultLine395, is a nod to the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range and the scenic Highway 395, a route that embodies the spirit of adventure and the stories of the landscapes it traverses.


Everyday Wear with an Adventurous Flair

We're about celebrating the everyday explorers. Those who love to ski, snowboard, hike, bike, or simply take in the amazing views and then chill with friends over a cold one. Our range, from tech tees to hoodies to jackets, is meticulously crafted to complement both your adventures and your everyday life. While our designs have a casual appearance, they’re tailored with technical fabrics that promise comfort, durability, and style.


Local Pride: Our Commitment

Our commitment goes beyond offering unique apparel. Almost every product is designed, crafted, and printed right here in Mammoth Lakes, capturing the essence of our mountain town. Our collaborations extend to local photographers, athletes, and designers, ensuring that with every purchase, you’re supporting the livelihood of our community.


Not Just Another Mountain Brand

We are based in a town known for its rugged terrain and active volcanoes, but we’re not here to just blend in. We’re here to redefine mountain wear, infusing it with a dash of fun, adventure, and an ample dose of style. Whether you're scaling peaks or simply basking in the mountainous views, we've got you covered.