Awesome & Uncrowded restaurants in Mammoth Lakes

Awesome & Uncrowded restaurants in Mammoth Lakes

If you have ever been in Mammoth on a busy weekend, then you know it can be tough to find a restaurant that isn't completely packed with tourists. Places like John's Pizza Works or Roberto's are great options, but everyone knows they can get extremely busy. In this blog post I will let you know about a few places that locals visit to avoid the crowds. Please note, there is no guarantee these places won't be busy, but they are off the main streets and will always be less busy than the most popular spots.

Sushi in Mammoth Lakes

Sushi in Mammoth at an Athletic Club? Yup! Snow Creek Athletic Club in Mammoth Lakes has a restaurant called Bistro East. They serve up some great Asian food and sushi. It is a very odd combination, but the food is good and there is rarely a wait for a table. Many people travel to Mammoth from LA and they tend to think sushi in the mountains is not the best idea because we are so far from the ocean. If you think about it, the drive is only 5 hours and fresh seafood is easily delivered to this area. Take a chance on this place and I am sure you will be stoked.

Cuban Puerta Rican Restaurant Mammoth Lakes

Dos Alas is an awesome new restaurant in Mammoth Lakes serving up some great Cuban, Puerta Rican, Spanish fusion dishes. They are located at Sierra Meadows Ranch off of Sherwin Creek Road. This place probably has the coolest location of any restaurant in town, it feels like you are in the middle of no where. They often have live music and their food is absolutely amazing. The word is starting to spread about this place, so make sure you call them first because they do recommend reservations on busy weekend.

Taco Shop Mammoth Lakes - Latin Market

Good Mexican food is much more plentiful in Mammoth Lakes these days. You have Roberto's which has been here forever and you now have a couple taco shops like Salsa's and El Charro. However, the original quick service taco shop in town was The Latin Market. I think the other Mexican food options in town are pretty good, but The Latin Market tends to much less busy, probably because of it's location off the main streets. This is not a sit down restaurant, it is a to go spot, but you can almost get in and out quickly when some of the other "quick" food places in town can take up to 30 minutes when it is busy. You won't find anything fancy here, just classic combo dishes, tacos, and burritos; but it is great go to spot for a quick hearty meal.

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