Guide to Eastern Sierra Breweries

Guide to Eastern Sierra Breweries

Looking for an awesome Brewery in Mammoth Lakes? Below is a quick rundown of the best breweries in the Eastern Sierra. Since there are a couple in June Lake and Bishop, we expanded this list outside of Mammoth to include the best beers available.

Mammoth Brewing Co.

Mammoth Brewing Co. - 18 Lake Mary Rd., Mammoth Lakes (

Everyone knows about Mammoth Brewing, it is located right next to the Village on main street. They have a great outdoor beer garden with an amazing view of the Sherwins and their huge indoor space has plenty of seating. Even when it is busy this place has enough seating to accommodate just about everyone that goes there. They offer a large selection of their own beers and they have really, really good food provided by The Eatery. If you only have time to visit one brewery in Mammoth Lakes, this should be it.

Distant Brewery Mammoth

Distant Brewery - 568 Old Mammoth Rd, Mammoth Lakes (

The brewery formerly know as Black Doubt has really stepped up their game with their new location. It has a great vibe inside and they have a good selection of super tasty beers. This is a great place in Mammoth to enjoy a cold one and is generally less busy than other busy drinking establishments in Mammoth. Distant offers a small menu of food items, but they share a parking lot with Dish Bistro and Salsa's restaurant, so there are plenty of options for food.

June Lake Brewing

June Lake Brewing - 131 S Crawford Ave, June Lake (

The secret is out, June Lake Brewing has the best beer in the Eastern Sierra. Well, that is my opinion, but I highly recommend taking a trip to their brewery if you like craft beer. They have a pretty small indoor space with a much larger outdoor area. If you are heading there in the winter make sure you bundle up because you'll likely be hanging out outside. They do have some indoor seating, but this place has gotten so popular it fills up quick. The big bonus at June Lake Brewing is that they have Ohana's 395; a food truck serving up what is probably the best food in the Eastern Sierra. They serve up Hawaiian fusion grub that is so good you'll surely come back for more. With some of the best food and beer in the Eastern Sierra makes this place a must visit even if it is a 20 minute drive from Mammoth Lakes.

Shelter Distilling Mammoth Lakes

Shelter Distilling - 100 Canyon Blvd #217 · In The Village at Mammoth (

If you are looking a really nice atmosphere with plenty of drink options, then Shelter is a great choice. Located right in the Village they offer food, cocktails, and craft beer. They are technically a distillery, but they do offer several of their own beers that they brew in house. The great thing about this place is their extensive cocktail menu with plenty of fancy drinks. If you want more than just beer and nice sit down restaurant atmosphere then you would visit this fine establishment.

Mountain Rambler Brewery Bishop

Mountain Rambler Brewery - 186 S Main St, Bishop, CA (

Mountain Rambler is a great place to visit if you want to get out of the cold weather and snow for a few hours. They have about a dozen beer options of various flavors on rotation and small menu of pub style grub. They have a large indoor space and nice outdoor patio seating area with awesome views of the mountains to the west. If you want to tour all the breweries of the Eastern Sierra or you just need a pit stop on the way to Mammoth then this place is must visit.

 Public House Mammoth

Public House - 3399 Main Street Suite F Box 2263, Mammoth Lakes (Public House website)

----UPDATE: As of 9/28/22 Public House has gone out of Business-----

To be clear, The Public House does not brew their own beer, but they have the most beer on tap in the Eastern Sierra. They offer 50 taps with 40+ devoted to an eclectic selection of ever rotating beers with an emphasis on local breweries. They have a small menu of bar muchies with a small town bar atmosphere. If you are looking for a place where you can sample June Lake Brewing, Mammoth Brewing, Distant, Mountain Rambler, some Reno breweries, along with others, this is great place to do that.

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