The Cheapest Gas on the way to Mammoth Lakes

The Cheapest Gas on the way to Mammoth Lakes

If you are driving to mammoth mountain, then you will surely need to fill up your gas tank on the way into town. The gas in Mammoth Lakes is more expensive than anywhere else in the area, so we are going to help you save a few bucks on your next trip to town with this blog post.

Cheap Gas on the way to Mammoth - Mojave

Coming from LA or OC I recommend stopping in Mojave. There are a couple gas stations that are cheaper than the stations in LA/OC. Fastrip in Mojave on the 395 has the cheapest gas. Arco, a few blocks down, is pretty close in price to Fastrip and it is a lot cleaner and nicer. This will easily be the cheapest gas you can buy on the way to Mammoth. If you are driving through Riverside and San Bernardino, there are several inexpensive places in the Hesperia/Victorville area right off the 15 freeway. 

Cheap gas on the way to mammoth lakes - Ft Independence

If your tank is already full when passing through Mojave (or Victorville) then the next best stop is Fort Independence. This place has a small casino, a convenience store with a restaurant, a marijuana dispensary, and cheap gas. What more could you need? This place has had the cheapest gas on the way to Mammoth for the last few years, although there is a new spot in Bishop that is cheaper. It is located just outside of Independence, CA, so don't make the mistake of stopping in the city of Independence because you'll pay about $1 more per gallon. Just drive through Independence and you'll see a stand alone  building about 1-2 miles outside of town, that's your stop.

Cheapest gas on the way to mammoth lakes - Yuhubi Nobi

The newest and cheapest place to buy gas in the Eastern Sierra is Yuhubi Nobi gas station in Bishop, CA. They have taken over as the cheapest place to get gas on the way to Mammoth, previously held by the Bishop Paiute gas station. Yuhubi Nobi is located on Line Street and See Vee Lane, so it is just a short detour off the 395. This place is clean and nice with plenty of pumps. If you are in a hurry, then Bishop Paiute is not a bad choice either, but make sure you fill up at one of these places because gas is $2 more a gallon once you get to Mammoth.

If you coming from the north, it is best to fill up in Reno or Gardnerville. There are a couple Arco's on the 395 in Gardnerville that are super cheap. If you have some gas cans, fill those up too because you will likely pay $2 more a gallon once you cross into California. 

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