The Best Spots in Mammoth Lakes for snow sledding

The Best Spots in Mammoth Lakes for snow sledding

Want to know the best sports in Mammoth Lakes to take the kids snow sledding? Here is our list of the 3 best places to slide down a hill on snow, even if you are not a kid.

Deadman Summit Hill

Snow Sledding in Mammoth

The name may sound a little intimidating, but this snow sledding hill halfway between Mammoth Lakes and June Lake, right off the 395, is the best free sledding area in the Eastern Sierra. The area is not clearly marked, but it is south of Obsidian Dome road on the west side of the highway. There is a large parking area for convenient access to multiple hills where kids and adults can sled all day long. There is a long run out at the bottom of the hills, so it is a much safer than many of the other sledding areas in Mammoth where the run out leads to a busy road. The hills are pretty steep, so you can walk higher up if you want to get more speed, or you can stay towards the bottom for are more mellow ride.

To get there from Mammoth Lakes, head north on 395 towards June Lake. The 395 north and south lane will split in a windy section of road near the intersection with Mammoth Scenic Loop. Right at the end of this curvy section of the highway where the north and south lanes join, there is left turn lane into the parking lot. If you hit Obsidian Dome Road you have gone to far.

Mammoth Scenic Loop

Mammoth Lakes Sledding Area

Another great sport to sled in Mammoth Lakes is just off the Mammoth Scenic Loop. There is a multitude of hills on both sides of the road, but be careful because the runout on some the hills can potentially take you towards the road. If you are willing to walk a little from the parking area, there are a few areas where the runout is safer and there will be less people. This is a great spot in Mammoth for sledding because it is super close to town and there are a ton of hills to choose from. 

To get there, head up Minaret Road towards Mammoth Mountain and take a right on Mammoth Scenic Loop. A mile or so down the road there is a larger parking area on the right side of the road. Usually there are plenty of people sledding in this area, so it is hard to miss.

Mammoth Tube Park

Mammoth Lakes Sledding Areas

The Mammoth Mountain Tubing park may cost you a few bucks, but it is totally worth it. The tube park is super safe, the hill is groomed nightly, the run is super fast, and you don't have to do any hiking. This experience is well worth the price of admission, especially because you don't have to buy a tube or sled(tube rental is included with the price of admission). Book your tickets online through; you are guaranteed to leave the park with a smile on your face.

To get there, just drive up Minaret Road towards Mammoth Mountain Main Lodge. About half way up the road you will see a sign on the right for the Mammoth Tube Park.

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